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Bespoke Selection is proud to introduce Besserat de Bellefon Champagne, a house founded in 1843 in Epernay and considered among the best gastronomie Champagnes in the world. Faithful to our tradition of representing the best producers, focused in delivering the highest level of quality by producing smaller quantities oriented towards the high gastronomy market around the world.

  • ·1843 : Edmond Besserat, resident of Hautvillers, founded his Champagne House in Aÿ.
  • ·1920 : The marriage between Yvonne de Méric de Bellefon, of Champagne nobility, and Edmond Besserat, the second in the family bearing this name seals the beginning of the legend of the House of Champagne Besserat de Bellefon.
  • ·1930 : A daring challenge was issued to the distinguished wine-taster, Victor Besserat, by the Manager of the then famous Parisian Restaurant La Samaritaine de Luxe to create a Champagne with creamy flavour.
  • ·The Cuvée des Moines represents 80 years of a unique and singular process using a selection of the very best Champagne wines.
  • ·The deep and fresh cellars allow a slow second fermentation in the bottle, enhancing the development of an unctuous and persistent foam.
  • ·The delicate bubbles and lightness of the effervescence give the Cuvée des Moines its creamy flavor.
  • ·The Cuvée des Moines is the Champagne especially created to accompany the most extraordinary oenological and gastronomic experiences.
  • ·It is in the tasting that you will thus discover the Besserat de Bellefon «Sensation».
  • ·The Besserat de Bellefon House uses less tirage liqueur. The foam that results is lighter, more ethereal.
  • ·The Cuvée des Moines is produced using a high percentage of Grands Cru and Premier Cru wines mainly from the villages of Avize, Bouzy, Chouilly and Cramant.